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Recruiting New Members

CTA is here to help you introduce potential members to the union, as well as support 和 connect with new educators. This is especially challenging when we can’t meet face-to-face. Resources for Conducting A Virtual New Employee Orientation includes materials that enable you to effectively use the online space to recruit 和 engage potential members. Other Recruitment Resources provides additional documents, 传单, 宣传册, 和 toolkits for both in-person 和 online recruiting.

It’s hard to know what to say to engage with members or to find the time to create new material. Use these resources as they are or as inspiration for new ideas 和 opportunities to provide support to current members. Create awareness at the school site or freshen up your emails using the Bulletin Board Toolkit. Help members underst和 their rights on the job with our Miniguide to 你的权利. CTA 会员的好处 Engagement Resources社会正义 Resources can assist you in your organizing efforts, with readymade posters, 传单, 视频, 和 shareable resources.

Try as we might, sometimes educators cancel their memberships. Here are resources to try to prevent that outcome 和 persuade them to maintain their membership. Use these resources to arm you members against attacks from anti-union groups like the Freedom Foundation. These well-funded groups will spend untold amounts to spread misinformation 和 outright lies. You can expose the truth 和 encourage educators to remain members using these resources.